For a low monthly fee, we will install and maintain an LED security light at your home, farm, or business. This light will automatically come on at dusk and go off at dawn.

The fee for this service is $10.10 per month (plus tax if applicable) if the light is installed on an existing wooden pole. If the light is installed on a fiberglass pole, the cost is $11.10 per month (plus tax if applicable). Fiberglass poles are commonly used in subdivisions where underground electric service has been installed.

The monthly fee includes electricity used by the light and maintenance of the bulb and fixture. If any poles need to be set to have the light installed where you want it, the cost will be $1000 per pole for wooden poles or $1250 per pole for fiberglass poles.

Installing the light on an existing pole will be quicker for you and our crews. If our crews must set a pole, it will take longer since our other construction work takes precedence.



Monthly Charge


Wood Pole


$10.10 plus tax

Contempo Light



$11.10 plus tax

Wood Pole Light

Box Flood Light


$17.00 plus tax

Flood Light


For more information or to request a security light, please contact the Three Rivers office at 573-644-9000.