Maintaining the right-of-way is very important to Three Rivers Electric Cooperative. Our easements are typically 30 feet wide.

Tree trimming crews contracted by Three Rivers keep the electric lines free of trees and brush.

Many times a tree limb hitting an electric line can cause blinking lights in the homes of our members.

If you see a tree touching a line, one in danger of falling into the electric line, or if you have questions regarding tree trimming, contact the Cooperative at 573-644-9000.

Tree Planting Tips

Nothing adds beauty and value to a home like trees and shrubbery. Besides offering significant energy savings by providing summer shade and winter protection, trees help absorb noise, provide privacy, freshen and replenish the atmosphere and attract wildlife.

When deciduous trees, those that lose their leaves in autumn, are planted on the west and southwest sides of the house, they shade roof and wall surfaces in summer and provide natural air conditioning for your house. In the winter, the bare branches will let most of the sunshine through to warm the house.

A windbreak of evergreens planted on the north and west sides of your house can help achieve energy savings during the winter. The correct foundation plantings around the base of your house can create a dead air space that will help insulate our home, thus making it more energy efficient.

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