Three Rivers Electric Cooperative strives to deliver dependable services, but outages can still occur.

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If Your Power Goes Out

  1. Check your home's circuit breakers or fuses (and any outdoor disconnects) to make sure the outage is not due to a problem in your home.

  2. Call your neighbors to see if their power is off. This information can be helpful to our dispatchers and crews.

  3. Call Three Rivers Electric Cooperative at 1-800-892-2251 and let us know about the outage. The dispatcher will need to know the name on your electric account and it is helpful if you have your location number available. Please do not report outages by e-mail. E-mails are only monitored during business hours.

  4. If the outage is longer than an hour, do not open the refrigerator or freezer more often than is necessary. The appliance's insulation will keep the food cold if the door is left closed.

During major storms, the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (AMEC) keeps track of electric cooperatives experiencing storm related outages. This information can be viewed on their website.

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Extended Outages

Severe weather is often the cause of extended outages. The best way to get through an extended outage is to be prepared at all times.

  • Keep flashlights and portable radios on hand with a supply of extra batteries.

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Food should be kept for up to 48 hours in a freezer if the door remains closed. Cover your refrigerator or freezer with a blanket, make arrangements to store food at another location, or purchase dry ice.

  • Don't cook inside with charcoal. Be extra careful with candles and kerosene lamps, heaters, and fireplaces.

  • Have a supply of water on hand.

  • If using a generator for back-up, be sure it is connected properly with a double throw disconnect switch.

Restoring Your Electric Service