The Business Lighting Rebate Program is available to schools, commercial, industrial and agricultural cooperative business members.

Lighting is a critical component of every business. Employees must be able to see clearly to safely perform their jobs; and floor space should be aesthetically pleasing to encourage sales.

You may be surprised to learn that lighting can take a larger share of a building’s electricity use than any other single end use. Lighting systems produce sizable amounts of heat as well, and are typically the largest source of waste heat inside commercial buildings. Energy-efficient lighting, such as compact fluorescent bulbs, create less heat than inefficient lighting. By decreasing internal heat gain, efficient lighting also reduces a building’s cooling requirements.

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This program will be in effect until the end of each calendar year when it may be modified by the cooperative’s board of directors. Rebates will be paid to those members whose equipment meets the following qualifications and who make applications for the rebate within 90 days after the installation. Only member/owners of Three Rivers Electric Cooperative are eligible for the rebate. Installations may be subject to inspection by a representative of the cooperative. If you have any questions, please contact the Member Services Department at 573-644-9000 or 800-892-2251.



Questions regarding any rebates? Call the

Member Services Department at

573-644-9000 or 800-892-2251