Energy Efficiency

What it's all about
Take Control of Savings

 Three Rivers Electric Cooperative in conjunction with our power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc in Springfield, and many other electric cooperatives in Missouri, southeast Iowa, and northeast Oklahoma, is sponsoring an energy initiative.

You have the power to affect your energy consumption (in kilowatt-hours and in money) by managing use wisely – reducing the amount spent on the inefficient use of energy.

This energy efficiency initiative is built on two core ideas:

1) Take control of electricity use, and thereby

2) Save energy

Why we are doing this

As cooperative members, we all carry the responsibility to make the best use of our energy resources. While the costs of providing reliable electricity have been rising, your cooperative system has been working with our power supplier, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc., to find the best ways to ease the burden of those costs - for our individual members and for our entire network of cooperatives.

One of the most important things we can do is slow the growth in energy use. By using electricity wisely, we can optimize our generating capacity in order to postpone building costly new power plants. The good news is that everything you do to reduce your use not only helps us manage growth, it also helps you manage your energy budget.

How you can help

Our new energy-efficiency initiative features a number of programs that will help you make the most of the electricity you use. Visit or contact Marketing & Technical Services at 573-644-9000 to learn how you can Take Control & Save.